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Personal Information

IMPORTANT: If there are co-authors participating in the Congress or co-presenters or members of a roundtable, workshop or thematic panel, the Personal Information section must be completed by each one of them as well. They need to fill out only this section: Personal Information. Principal presenters or chairpersons must fill out the entire form. All must register by October 15, 2016 in order to be listed in the Program.

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Presentation Information

PRESENTATION LANGUAGE: The language of the 2016 Congress is English. There will not be any simultaneous interpretation. However, the proposal can be in any language, provided that the title and the abstract of the presentation are also provided in English. If the presentation at the Congress will not be in English, the presenter should distribute a copy of the paper or a substantial abstract in English to the people in attendance.

See a list of the presentation areas and topics here

Title of the presentation

IMPORTANT: If the presentation will not be in English, also provide the translation of the title & abstract of the presentation into English. Use Google Translate or similar to provide a translation.

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