Quebec City Canada Mosque Attack

Quebec City Canada Mosque shooter to face criminal charges instead of being prosecuted under Canada's terrorism provisions. On Sunday January 29th, a 27 year old man entered the Grand Mosque in Quebec City, Canada and shot parishoners just after Sunday evening prayers, 6 men died and 5 others were injured in the attack. Many of them were shot in the back as they were praying and others shot while trying to escape. Among the many reactions to this horrific event, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau stated that this was a "terrorist attack." Others feel is it a "hate crime." In the second case, the shooter will be prosecuted under Criminal Code of Canada (s. 83.01). A debate has begun in Canada about whether this was a terrorist attack or a henious crime. In Canada, the threshold for proving that an attack is motivated by terrorism is extremely high and hard to prove in cases such as this, where the shooter is a "lone wolf." Looking into this man's past, it seems to indicate that he was motivated by right wing extremism. If convicted, the shooter will likely face 150 years in prison with no chance of parole.

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