General Operating Budget of the ISC

The ISC is undergoing a phase of restructuring, innovation, strengthening and expansion. To do this, there is obviously a need of financial resources. These days it has become increasingly difficult to obtain such support from universities, foundations and governments. There are many reasons explaining this. The ISC urgently needs funds to operate and carry out its day-to-day activities that will allow and facilitate its renaissance. You are asked to support the General Operating Budget of the ISC so that it has the minimum financial capabilities to operate effectively. While most of the work may continue to be done by generous colleagues and student volunteers, there are activities entailing costs that must be met with financial resources. This work can be continued and expanded only with your generous contributions! Donate today! Thank you!

Student Fund

The ISC must support the study of criminology worldwide and also student activities to establish criminology as a field of study and research. There are areas of the world where students are quite active and committed this way. This is especially true of countries in some areas of the world where crime and insecurity are rampant. However, often they lack even minimal resources. Also meritorious students may need some financial help for specific student activities supporting criminology as an area of study. Examples are establishing a criminology students’ association or a “Criminology Day” at their university or nationally, etc. These donated funds will be used to support such activities and initiatives, especially in developing and least developed countries. Donate today!

Travel Fund

National and international opportunities for learning, sharing, establishing networks and collaborations are abundant these days. However, the cost of traveling to these meetings is often high and the support provided by universities or other institutions low and insufficient. In many countries, universities also limit their support to “approved” meetings and conferences, thus making it hard for alternative, innovative, or new fields of interest, research and teaching to develop and become established. Highly motivated and committed younger faculty and students often cannot find financial support to travel to meetings and conferences that will strengthen their commitment to criminology, begin or expand international collaborations, and also help them obtain recognition and support. This fund is meant to remedy this situation to the extent possible in especially meritorious and promising cases. It will also be used to support and balance participation to international courses and institutes organized or sponsored by the ISC. Please, donate today!

Academic Advancement Fund

Criminology has had and still does have difficulty and encounters obstacles in establishing itself as a legitimate and independent field of teaching and research in many countries. At times it is only a course offered as part of a curriculum in law, medicine or political science. Criminologists in these situations often attempt to become “independent” and be recognized and respected as such. They need support, advice, sharing of curricula and documentation, and learning from criminologists in other countries. The ISC should play an important role in supporting the recognition and establishment of criminology as a respected and self-standing field of study; and facilitate the sharing of expertise and the diffusion of “best practices”. Moreover, in many countries, it is difficult, costly and complicated to obtain current criminology textbooks and books. The ISC should assist and facilitate establishing or updating criminology and criminal justice libraries, for example by negotiating with publishers, encouraging the publication and inexpensive access to electronic versions of books and publications, organizing book collection drives and finding ways to ship them, helping university libraries negotiate fees for electronic access to materials and also help pay such fees. A course syllabi electronic bank would also be very helpful. This can be done in collaboration with other foundations and institutions. Your generous support will sustain some of these innovative efforts.

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