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Sponsored by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) under its Education for Justice (E4J) initiative and by the International Society of Criminology (ISC) for presentations at the XIX World Congress of Criminology.

The Sponsors

The UNODC and the International Society of Criminology, in their respective roles and responsibilities, are the sole sponsor of this contest. Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the competition should be directed to the sponsoring entities as follows:

UNODC / Education for Justice (E4J) initiative
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 500
1400 Vienna, Austria

International Society of Criminology
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 58186
Washington, D.C. 20037 USA


The ISC/UNODC call for full research papers on any aspect of the theme of the 19th World Congress of Criminology: Science, Technology and Teaching in Criminology: Researching, Investigating & Preventing Crime. An emphasis on teaching and/or educating on rule of law related matters is encouraged. Papers should be grounded in theory or a conceptual framework. Research based on all methods - qualitative, quantitative and interpretive - is welcome.


Prizes: Ten papers will be selected as winners.

The prize entails:

  • a

    The author or first author of the ten selected papers will be eligible for a reward in the form of a flight ticket (return economy-class airfare in accordance with United Nations financial rules and regulations) to participate in the 19th World Congress of Criminology, scheduled to take place in Doha, Qatar, 27 (arrival)-31 (departure) October 2019, to present the paper. UNODC will contact the authors to arrange the flights for them.

  • b

    The Congress registration fee for the author or first author presenting a selected paper will be waived, i.e. registration will be free of charge for the presenter.

  • c

    Winners will also be recognized at the Congress and receive an award certificate.

  • d

    Winning papers are eligible for publication in a special issue of the International Annals of Criminology, the official journal of the International Society of Criminology, published by Cambridge University Press. Additional revisions to the text of the paper may be required for publication.

Selection of the winners:

UNODC and ISC will share the responsibility of selecting the 10 winning papers of this competition and co-chair the Selection Committee. The scheduling of the papers for presentation at the Congress and the possible publication of the papers in the International Annals of Criminology shall be the responsibility of the International Society of Criminology, while UNODC will be responsible for the arrangements of the flights for the winners.

Eligibility: The competition is limited to YOUNG SCHOLARS.

This means that:

- The age limit is 35 years of age by 30 April 2019. A copy of the passport as proof of age is required.
- Ph.D. or equivalent students; Post-doctoral researchers; holders of a Ph.D. or of an equivalent final degree who are faculty members at a college/university are eligible. Proof of status is required.
- If there is more than one author, at least one of the authors must meet all the requirements and be the first author and presenter at the Congress. There will be only one award per paper regardless of the number of authors.

Only one submission by each prospective awardee or group of candidates is allowed. An author's or co-author's name can appear only once as part of a group of authors of submitted papers.

Geographical representation The sponsors aim to select papers from authors from all the major regions of the world. However, this allocation may be modified by the sponsors as needed depending on several variables (e.g. number of papers submitted, their theoretical and methodological quality, contribution to the theme of the Congress, clarity of presentation etc.).

Submission procedure and requirements

- Step one: send title of the paper and abstract of no more than 250 words; written in English and based on original and unpublished work. Full information on the author or authors (full name; status; date of birth; affiliation; title; full address; e-mail address; phone number or WhatsApp). Applicants to include a scanned copy of the passport or government issued ID card and of an official statement as to status (Ph.D. student; Post-Doc; holder of Ph.D. or equivalent) of the author or first author only.
All abstracts must be sent in Word, RTF or PDF format, Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, including the required supporting documents, by 30 April 2019; 11:59 p.m. New York time (EST) by email to and

- Step two: All authors of abstracts will be notified whether they were selected for submitting a full version of their paper or not by 18 May 2019.

- Step three: All selected authors shall send the full version of the paper by 7 July 2019. Three electronic files should be sent:

File#1: A copy of the paper containing title, full name and affiliation of the author/authors; the address, e-mail, phone number of the corresponding author; 250 words abstract; "about the author(s)" (150 words each) and the text.
File #2: A "blinded" version of the paper (title page; abstract; text of the paper; references etc.) for the referees. Do NOT include the author's name on the title page or anywhere else in the manuscript. Include all author information (names, affiliations, etc.) in File #1 only. Remove all identifying information from the document, including information in the file properties. Take every precaution to ensure that the self-citations do not reveal your identity. Papers uploaded with identifying information will not be considered and will be disqualified.
File #3: Statement agreeing to a right of first refusal for the publication of papers, winning or not, by the International Society of Criminology in the International Annals of Criminology (Cambridge University Press).This form will be provided.

- Step four: Winners will be notified by the end of July/beginning of August. Please note: in case the number or quality of entries is insufficient, the sponsors reserve the right to award fewer prizes than planned.

Style of the paper: Follow the style rules of the International Annals of Criminology. Go to the Website or click here for Instructions to Authors. Papers that do not follow the Cambridge rules will not be considered. Maximum length of the paper: papers may not exceed 20,000 words in length including text, references, and footnotes (excluding tables and figures).

Language and other requirements/exclusions:

Papers must be written in English. Competing authors from non-English speaking countries are encouraged to have a fluent English-speaking editor to review and edit the abstract and the paper as to the English language before submission.

Original work:
Submitted papers are accepted for this competition on the understanding that they have not been presented at another conference, are not under review for another conference, and have not been submitted for publication in or published in or accepted for publication by a scholarly journal or edited book or any other publication prior to the 19th World Congress of Criminology.


Abstracts and papers will be checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found, the submission will be disqualified.


  • 1

    Submit an abstract for consideration by 11:59 p.m. New York Time (EST), 30 April 2019

    Receipt of a valid electronic submission will be determined by the time at which the Sponsor's computer servers record the receipt. Proof of transmission (screenshots or captures, etc.) does not constitute a proof of receipt by the Sponsor.

  • 2

    Notification on the abstracts to the authors by the Selection Committee: 18 May 2019

  • 3

    Sending the full text of the paper for consideration by 07 July 2019; 23:59 New York time

  • 4

    Notification of awards: July/August 2019.

    Runners-up may also be notified in case winners of awards do not or cannot accept the prize or do not follow the acceptance rules.

  • 5

    Acceptance by the author or first author

    Winners will be notified by e-mail by June/July2019 and will be required to respond accepting the award within five (5) business days after notice is given. They may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, liability release, permission to publish the paper in the International Annals of Criminology and, where legally permissible, publicity releases. Failure to meet eligibility, timely acceptance or any other requirements, or the return of any award notification as undeliverable, will result in disqualification of the winner and, at the Sponsor's discretion, selection of an alternative candidate from the remaining eligible submissions ("runner ups"). The sponsor's decisions concerning selection of the winners, as well as all other matters relating to the competition, are final and binding.
    All expenses, if any, associated with the acceptance and use of the award, including but not limited to possible taxes, are the sole responsibility of the winners.
    Awards can only be accepted as offered, without substitution, transfer, or assignment.

  • 6

    Registration and attendance at the Congress: by September 1.

    The author or first author of a winning paper must register for the Congress by September 1 and attend it to present the paper. Registration will be free of charge.

    The author or first author of the winning papers is expected to:

    a. register for the Congress (even if registration is free of charge)
    b. attend the Congress
    c. present the paper during the assigned session
    d. cooperate with the editorial office of the International Annals of Criminology for the preparation of the manuscript for publication by 1 December 2019. Additional work on the paper may be needed for publication purposes.

    Selection Process: The papers will be evaluated by a Selection Committee comprised of an equal number of members from the International Society of Criminology and UNODC. The members appointed shall remain anonymous.

    The Selection Committee will be chaired by the ISC and UNODC.
    The evaluation will be based on the quality of writing, including but not limited to content, focus, originality, form, structure, organization, methodology, style, language, and use/citations of supportive work. The recommendations of the jury will be presented to the ISC President and to UNODC's Senior Program Manager of the Global Program for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration, of which the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative is a component, for their confirmation.
    The office of the International Society of Criminology will be responsible for coordinating and managing the selection procedure. UNODC will be responsible for reaching out to the author or first author of the 10 winning papers to organize their flights.

  • 7

    Announcing/listing of winners on websites: July/August

    Winning submission may be featured on the sponsor's websites.
    Insufficient number of entries
    If there is an insufficient number of eligible entries, the sponsor reserves the right not to award any or all the awards.

    Competing does not exclude participation in the Congress
    Participation in the competition does not disqualify the paper from being submitted to the Congress through the regular Congress procedure for presentation in the programme of the event, regardless whether it wins or not.

    Possible publication of non-winning papers
    The jury may recommend for publication submitted papers that they judge worthy of special commendation other than that of being an award winner, recommending improvements if warranted.
    The editorial office of the International Annals of Criminology can also consider non-winning papers for possible publication through its regular refereed procedure.

    Other situations when an entry may be void
    A submission may be deemed void if it is in whole or in part late, lost, or misdirected or does not conform with or satisfy any or all the conditions of these Official Contest Rules, as determined by the Sponsors in their sole and absolute discretion. Sponsors are not responsible for lost, late, damaged, or misdirected entries; incorrect or inaccurate entry of information by entrants; lost transmissions; interrupted or unavailable network, server, or other connections; scrambled transmissions or other errors or problems of any kind whether mechanical, human, or electronic; technical malfunctions of the computer hardware, software, or any combinations thereof; or problems associated with any virus or any other damage caused to candidates' systems. Submissions subject to such events may be deemed void. If technical or other circumstances compromise the competition, the sponsors reserve the right to cancel, modify, or terminate the competition and/or to select one or more winners for awards from all eligible submissions received prior to the cancellation. Submitted papers will not be returned.

    Acceptance of the rules
    By entering the competition, the applicants fully accept all its rules and obligations.

For information on registration, the scientific program, submission of papers, proposals of session etc., please, go to: or click here!
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